* Indicates the course fulfills requirements for the Social Policy Track

Introductory Courses

SOC 101

Introduction to Sociology

SOC 120

Inequality in America*

SOC 141

Culture, Society, and Economic Life

SOC 138

Introduction to Urban Sociology*

SOC 135

Sociology of Gender*

SOC 140

Israeli Society at the Crossroads

Core Courses

SOC 205

Introduction to Research Methods*

SOC 213

Sociological Theory

200-level courses

SOC 207

Deviance and Social Control

SOC 249

Power, Politics, and Protest

SOC 236


SOC 246

A Changing American Racial Order? Race, Ethnicity, & Assimilation

SOC 247

The American Family

SOC 231

From Food to Fracking: Environment & Society*

SOC 224

Punishment, Prisons, & Policing*

SOC 262


SOC 263

Drugs and Society*

SOC 269

Global Inequality & Development*

SOC 235

Law & Society

SOC 214

Contemporary Immigration*

SOC 233

Laying Down the Law: Legal Systems in Comparative Perspective

SOC 259

...and the Pursuit of Happiness

PSY 250

Social Psychology

SOC 2307

The American Dream

300-level courses

SOC 332

Seminar on Social Problems*

SOC 333

Qualitative Research Practicum

SOC 325

(Re)imagining Protest: The Changing Face of Democracy

SOC 352

Gender and Deviance*

SOC 341

Big Changes and Grand Narratives: Macro-Historical Sociology

SOC 346

Governing the Self*

SOC 319

EUS Practicum: Hudson Valley Cities and Environmental Justice*

SOC 347

Theorizing Facebook: Morality, Technology, and Social Networks

SOC 338

Welfare States in Comparative Perspective*

SOC 341

Capitalist and Secular? Theorizing Modernity